Mens Shopping With The Amazon Price Check App Just Got Interesting

The new Amazon Price Check app and promotion, which is starting  this  Saturday, will allow people to perform a price check on an item in a shop, by scanning in the bar code using the app on their iPhone or Android device.   The online retail giant will then offer a $5 discount to shoppers who carry   out this market research for it for free, on any item across the site,   including the same item they wanted to buy in the first place.

The American Retail Industry Leaders’ Association issued the following   statement about Amazon’s attempt to poach shoppers at the point of sale:   “Retailers compete on price 365 days a year, and at no time is that   competition hotter than during the make-or-break holiday shopping season.

One retailer stated this app is destroying our business this season.  We are a tiny shop and every time someone pulls out their phone we cringe.  We have taken to covering codes to prevent losing sales to Amazon. Shopping for men just got more interesting.


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