Smart Alec Baldwin Throws Greyhound Bus Under The Bus And Kills The Holiday Spirit

After being kicked off an American Airlines flight for refusing to stop his game of Zynga’s popular Words With Friends mobile application 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin went on a diatribe against the airline and somehow in his crosshairs he also managed to pull the trigger on bus company Greyhound.

Now Greyhound is firing back, albeit while more than a little bit confused as to why they were even targeted in the first place. During his online diatribe Baldwin wrote that the whole ordeal with American Airlines was like a “Greyhound bus experience.”

Firing back almost immediately was a representative for Greyhound who wrote:“I don’t know if he’s ever been on one of our buses (it doesn’t sound like it), but there are about 17.6 million people who travel with us every year who I’m sure wouldn’t share [his] feelings.”

The rep further added:“I don’t know why he’s mentioning Greyhound, but we take pride in our safe and enjoyable service.”

Alec Baldwin throws Greyhound Bus under the bus and kills the Holiday spirit.

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