Ask The Eye. Got Milk? No Get Some Ammo..

Dear Eye View

Four months ago my brother got married to a woman who has a 5-year-old son from a previous relationship. Since they had a private ceremony, we did not meet his new wife and stepson until Dad’s 80th birthday, when they flew over to see us. Things were going well until my new nephew walked over to where the adults were eating dessert and told my SIL that he was thirsty. She whipped out her breast at the dining table and proceeded to breastfeed her son. Although nobody said anything, she sensed we were shocked and casually explained her son had allergies and this was the only healthy milk option for him. Since our mom is not around, my other brothers and Dad are urging me to intervene. My brother, the one who married her, does not seem to care much. Should I say anything to her? How do I start such a conversation? Confused

Dear Confused

I understand your concern. Get some nerve and ask your brother you know what is not cool? ” your 5- year old breast feeding at the table. Tell your brother his son needs a milk subsitute and become a man.. Hope this helps..




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