Ask The Eye Family of Turkeys

Dear Eye View

I am incredibly afraid of turkeys. I dislike their fleshy heads, their huge feathery bodies, the noises they make. Chickens freak me out, too. I literally startle if I accidentally see a picture of a turkey, never mind the panic that rises in me when I see one in real life. In general, all birds freak me out. I know it’s a ridiculous fear, one that many wouldn’t understand, but then again I love snakes and don’t mind spiders. My boyfriend’s family like to hide pictures of turkeys in places where I will find them and freak out. I have asked them to stop, and I have asked him to ask them to stop, but they insist it’s all in good fun. Last time I went over they hid a picture of a beheaded turkey, my worst fear of all, don’t ask, in my purse. I nearly threw up when I saw it and shook for several hours afterward. With Thanksgiving coming up, I am freaked out about what they might do. How can I make it clear to them that this really bothers me? Freaking Out

Dear Freaking Out

I understand your concern. No telling what this dumb ass family will do. At the first sign of trouble, you should fly the coup from your boyfriend and his weird family. This family sounds like a bunch of turkeys. Hope this helps. Happy Thanksgiving




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