People Getting In Line A Week Early For Black Friday, Occupying A Line

If you think it’s nuts to wait in line for a few hours to take advantage of Black Friday deals, wait until you meet the shoppers who are camping outside stores over a week before sales start.

More than one observer has said that strip malls in Texas and Florida bear some resemblance to the “Occupy” protest movements. A local TV station in St. Petersburg, Fla. reports that a young couple has already set up camp outside a Best Buy in order to be first in line for the store’s Black Friday deals. The couple arrived on Monday — a full 12 days before Black Friday.

Another young couple in North Texas is planning on camping for a mere 10 days outside a Best Buy store. Brandon Vanderstelt, a 20-year-old with a nose ring and apparently plenty of time on his hands, is accompanied by his wife on the campout. The two have decorated their tent with a cardboard sign reading “Occupy Best Buy.” Who can find the time to protest the system, after all, when there are deals on electronics to be had?

People getting in line for a deal.. Been there done that..

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