William Shatner Stars In Eat, Fry, Love The Cautionary Tale Of Exploding Turkeys

Canadian icon William Shatner has added another unique credit to his already diverse acting resume: a starring role in an online “docudrama” about the dangers of exploding turkeys. The Star Trek legend plays himself in Eat, Fry, Love, a cautionary tale about turkey fryers.

It’s been released by insurance company State Farm in advance of U.S. Thanksgiving, apparently the most common day of the year for cooking fires.In a more serious State Farm video linked to Eat, Fry, Love, firefighters demonstrate how a turkey fryer accident can quickly result in a large fire.“(It’s) so dangerous you can’t even imagine,” Shatner says in the clip.

“I’ve burned myself, almost burned my house down. It’s a great taste but you’ve got to be safe.”

Shatner maintains its important to keep this in mind especially during those extra special occasions.



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