Bill Clinton To Become Global Hedge Fund Manager???!! Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

Former President Bill Clinton is teaming up with a top aide, a former State Department envoy, and Tony Blair to start a hedge fund and global consulting company.

Declan Kelly, a former top State Department envoy and major donor to the secretary of state’s 2008 presidential campaign, has left government service to launch Teneo Capital, hiring Bill Clinton and the former U.K. prime minister as advisers for an undisclosed sum. Kelly’s partner in the venture is Douglas Band, a longtime Clinton aide who set up the Clinton Global Initiative and remains the former president’s right-hand man.

Bill Clinton earlier faced questions about whether his business ties would create conflicts for his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and vowed to let the State Department sign off on his ventures. Kelly told HuffPost that State has approved Clinton’s involvement in Teneo Capital.

To increase dismal approval numbers for politicians, Clinton looking for love in all the wrong places..Clinton wants to go from top 1% to top .00001% with globalĀ insider trading..


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