Ask The Eye, Don’t Transfer Your Payments To Peggy To Your Kids

I am a 60-year-old man who has been married for 30 years and has two grown children. My wife and I both earn ample incomes and are very comfortable financially. For almost a decade I’ve been having an affair. My mistress is an artist in her 40s, a wonderful woman whom I’ll call “Peggy.” We have a real emotional connection. I’m not her sugar daddy—I’ve never given her more than a few gifts or paid for meals and hotel bills. I have just been diagnosed with cancer—perhaps curable, but the statistics are terrible—and I would like to make a provision in my will for Peggy. The sum would make little difference to my family but would mean a big difference for Peggy. The danger is if my wife and kids find out, they’ll be devastated. I’ve talked to a lawyer who outlined ways to do it discreetly. I know adultery is wrong and I should never have had an affair. But morally speaking, what do you think about my plan for Peggy?


Dear Confused

I understand your concern. Your money has gone to your wife, while all your interest has gone to Peggy.  In this current economy it is probably best to settling up with Peggy now rather than will your Peggy payments to your heirs. It is best to let them know now before they pull the “discover card”. Hope this helps.


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