Ask The Eye, BRB With The RSVP

Dear Eye View

My husband and I host one or two parties a year at our home and the occasional dinner or brunch. We most recently hosted our annnual Labor Day cocktail party,where we invited several friends and colleagues who attended last year’s event, plus a few new folks. My concern is that a number of the invited guests did not R.S.V.P. “regrets only” as indicated on the invitations (and in the follow-up e-mail), and the guests who did attend the party did not bother to write thank-you notes. We received three calls from the 30-plus guests attending. Are our expectations that people will R.S.V.P. and/or send a thank-you note unreasonable or old-fashioned? Are our experiences a sign of a new, less-formal etiquette?


Dear Concerned

I understand your concern. We do live in a time a less formal etiquette but that doesn’t excuse these dumbasses from emailing you and letting you know they will be at your home. For the upcoming holidays,  I would like to recommend one of my Christmas  cards from the Eye View holiday card collection. Pay back is a bitch.. Hope this helps..



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