Carmageddon No Escape From LA

There’s no way to plan for Carmageddon, the three-day shut down of one of the most vital  stretches of freeway in Los Angeles, without having to field some  unusual requests or address oddball contingencies.

Take the Facebook group that has proposed holding a block party on  a Santa Monica Boulevard ramp to the 405, complete with beer and  guitars.

There’s also the enterprising marketers who asked CalTrans for  permission to spray paint a bridge abutment with graffiti reading “The  Apes Will Rise” to promote the new “Planet of the Apes” movie.

A group of bicyclists sought permission to ride down the steep  inclines of freeway in the Sepulveda Pass during the weekend  closure. But those ideas ultimately were nixed because of safety  concerns.

However unusual the circumstances of a major freeway closure, Smith  said that the law still applies, no matter what. That means anyone who  thinks it would be fun to have a impromtu block party worthy of a beer  commercial or zip their bike or skateboard down the freeway should  expect “a swift and certain police response.”

“Anyone who is looking to do something should think again,” Smith  said. “We’ll have a lot of cops out there and they will be looking for  something to do.”

Where is Snake Plisskin when we need him..


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