Ask The Eye, Getting Money From Drunk Date, Magic 8 Ball Says “Signs Point Toward No”

Dear Eye View,
I recently went on a date that ended badly. Our meal was cut short because my date had too much to drink before and during dinner. Since my date was causing a scene in the restaurant, the manager had to come to the table and escort him outside. I was stuck paying the bill, which came to $350, largely due to the amount of expensive wine and scotch that my date had ordered (which has made a serious dent in my budget). After I finished paying the bill, I found him wandering around outside the restaurant, so I took him home. Understandably, we have not seen each other since. Is it OK for me to ask him to reimburse me for the meal? He asked me on the date, and the bulk of the cost came from his alcohol consumption. He also makes more money than I do.

—It Was on Me

Dear On Me
I understand your concern. Consider the $350 tuition for a life lesson on why you don’t go out to dinner with a dude that shows up at your door drunk. There were plenty of signs indicating this wasn’t going to go well, dumbass. Hope this helps.



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