Ask The Eye,Your Husband Needs New Hobbies

Dear Eye View

Do all men look at porn? Seriously? It used to bother me so much that I found my husband looking at porn so much. We have an active sex life and a good marriage. He is looking at very “normal” stuff. Why do they do it? I’ve resigned myself not to get upset about it anymore, but it does bother me to an extent. Frustrated

Dear Frustrated

I understand your concern.There was a researcher not long ago who wanted to do a study comparing men who looked at porn to men who never looked at porn. He was unable to come to any conclusions because he couldn’t find any men who had never looked at porn. Now we find out that there was porn on the computers at Osama Bin Laden’s lair.

It does seem to bother you, but given your circumstances, I wouldn’t let it upset you. Though as you know, men are easily distracted so why don’t you suggest other bathroom activities. Not to mention this will help him improve his grip.  Hope this helps.





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