Ask The Eye, Royally Awkward Family Photos

Dear Eye View

 A long time ago my husband and I took some, erm, “sexy” photos of ourselves. They were stored in our home PC and forgotten. Recently my mother-in-law asked us for a copy of our wedding photos and those of our 10-month-old daughter so she could make a family album. We haven’t organized our photos on the PC, so I simply copied and pasted the entire “My Pictures” folder into the USB. After giving it to her, I was horrified to realize that the “sexy” photos would also be there. My in-laws haven’t said anything to us, but I’m certain they saw them. I’m split between pretending nothing happened (but we know they know, and I feel embarrassed beyond belief) and saying something (but what do I say?). I don’t think I could look them in the eye again.


Dear Embarrassed

I understand your concern. Probably if you never mention it they will never either. Don’t worry about it. Look on the bright side, it could be a lot worse. Hope this helps.


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