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Eye View Auto, Fixing The Mysterious Check Engine Light

May 31, 2011

Perhaps the most mysterious warning light on your car’s dashboard is the “check engine” light, which can illuminate seemingly for no reason whatsoever and lead to an unexpected bill just for diagnosing the cause. However, it is possible to diagnose, and sometimes even fix, the cause of this warning light without paying a mechanic.

At the first sign of a check engine light……Sell your American car..

More Protests In Greece, Scenes Of Coming Attractions

May 31, 2011

Tens of thousands of Greeks vented their anger at the nation’s political classes in Athens on Sunday, staging the biggest in a week of protests as the government seeks backing for yet more austerity.The huge crowd packed Syntagma Square in front of the Greek parliament, booing, whistling and chanting “Thieves! Thieves” as they pointed at the assembly building.

“We’ve had enough. Politicians are making fools of us. If things stay as they are, our future will be very bleak,” said a 22-year-old student who gave his name as Nikos.

Greeks are angry no politicians have been punished for the corruption they blame for the crisis, as well as the dire state of the economy and waves of austerity demanded under the terms of a 110 billion euro ($157.5 billion) bailout from the European Union and IMF last year.

The EU wants Athens to impose yet more austerity and reform, including privatisations.

Greece financial situation, sign of US coming attractions.


Obama Plays His 70th Round Of Golf But Always Remains On Terrorist Lookout

May 30, 2011

The business of memorializing our war dead done, President Obama headed out to the Fort Belvoir golf course today, finding his way onto the links for the ninth weekend in a row.

Obama earlier today laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and met with families of those killed in battle. But he emerged from the day’s solemnity to go golfing for the 12th time this year and the 70th time of his presidency.

The decision to golf on Memorial Day invites comparison with President George W. Bush, who gave up the game early in his presidency and said he did it out of respect for the families of those killed in Iraq.

Obama’s staff stated that even though Obama is always on the links he remains battle ready.


Church Fined For Over Trimming Trees, City Gives A Real Tongue Lashing

May 30, 2011

Every two to three years, Eddie Sales trims and prunes the crape myrtles at his church, Albemarle Road Presbyterian Church.

But this year, the city of Charlotte cited the church for improperly pruning its trees.

“We always keep our trees trimmed back because you don’t want to worry about them hanging down in the way,” said Sales, a church member.
The church was fined $100 per branch cut for excessive pruning, bringing the violation to $4,000.

“I just couldn’t believe it when I heard about it,” Sales said. “We trim our trees back every three years all over our property, and this is the first time we have been fined.”

“The purpose of the tree ordinance is to protect trees,” Johnson said. “Charlotte has always been known as the city of trees. When we take down trees, we need to replace these trees.”

Church receives a tongue lashing while city sends the wrong message..

Census Shows Married Couples For The First Time In The Minority, Sociologist Believes Women In Louisiana Too Dumb To Get Married

May 29, 2011

Leung is indicative of that trend. She’s got a marketing job in a trendy city, writes a personal blog on living a gluten-free lifestyle and has plans to get married – eventually.

The median age for first marriages has climbed steadily since the 1960s, when men got married at about 23 years old, and women at 20. Now, men are waiting until they’re 28 and women are holding off until 26.

The data supports that, as the Census Bureau reported last year that opposite-sex unmarried couples living together jumped 13 percent from 2009 to 7.5 million.
And attitudes on marriage are changing, too. About 39 percent of Americans say marriage is becoming obsolete, according to a Pew Research Center study published in November, up from 28 percent in 1978.

The state to buck the declining-marriage trend is Utah, where 61 percent of households are led by married couples. On the opposite side of the spectrum is Louisiana, which has the second-lowest percent of married people heading households. Louisiana State University sociologist Troy Blanchard said rural and urban poverty plays a major role.

“There’s a lot of unmarried female householders, a lot of concentrated poverty where they don’t have maybe the education or resources that allows for (marriage),” Blanchard said,

Blanchard believes women in Louisiana too dumb to get married.


Cate Blanchett Supports Carbon Tax, Stock Brokers Too Excited To Sleep

May 29, 2011

Hollywood A-lister Cate Blanchett found herself under fire for fronting a campaign promoting the government’s planned carbon tax, with critics saying she is out of touch with ordinary Australians.

The wealthy Oscar winner features in a new advert, funded by a coalition of unions and green groups, urging Australians to “Say Yes” to a tax on carbon.

Australians are among the world’s worst per capita carbon polluters and Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard has proposed a carbon tax to be levied on major industrial polluters by July 1, 2012.

She then plans a full emissions trading scheme in three to five years.

But the proposals are not popular, with the conservative opposition saying a tax would damage the economy and drive up the cost of living by making energy far more expensive, bumping up electricity bills.

“Cate Blanchett has proved she is just another morally vain Hollywood star trying to justify her great good fortune by preaching to the rest of us about climate change,” the paper said in a comment piece.

Stockbrokers like Cate Blanchett’s carbon trading scheme…… can hardly sleep.

Ask The Eye, Getting Money From Drunk Date, Magic 8 Ball Says “Signs Point Toward No”

May 29, 2011

Dear Eye View,
I recently went on a date that ended badly. Our meal was cut short because my date had too much to drink before and during dinner. Since my date was causing a scene in the restaurant, the manager had to come to the table and escort him outside. I was stuck paying the bill, which came to $350, largely due to the amount of expensive wine and scotch that my date had ordered (which has made a serious dent in my budget). After I finished paying the bill, I found him wandering around outside the restaurant, so I took him home. Understandably, we have not seen each other since. Is it OK for me to ask him to reimburse me for the meal? He asked me on the date, and the bulk of the cost came from his alcohol consumption. He also makes more money than I do.

—It Was on Me

Dear On Me
I understand your concern. Consider the $350 tuition for a life lesson on why you don’t go out to dinner with a dude that shows up at your door drunk. There were plenty of signs indicating this wasn’t going to go well, dumbass. Hope this helps.



Michelle Obama Is Tough On Public Employees And Really Likes Her Shoes

May 29, 2011

Less than three years into the job, first lady Michelle Obama is on her third chief of staff and third social secretary. She is on her second communications director, the White House chief usher recently departed, and her press secretary’s last day is Friday.
On Friday afternoon, the first lady’s office announced that the executive director of Obama’s signature campaign to fight childhood obesity also is leaving.

The turnover, greater than under recent first ladies, underscores the pressure and high expectations of working in an operation known for its polish and discipline

Sources familiar with the East Wing, who asked not to be named discussing internal dynamics, described the first lady’s office as a challenging workplace, where grueling hours and the expectations of a formidable boss intensify the demands of managing a popular first lady’s schedule, image and agenda.“The first lady is a lovely woman, but she’s tough as nails, and that can be hard for some people,” said a source familiar with the office. “She has really high expectations.”

She also likes her shoes.

Stupid La Jolla California Now May Need Environmental Impact Study For Jumpy Jumps

May 28, 2011

What started as a battle over fireworks shows led to a sweeping legal victory Friday for environmentalists that could stymie a wide range of events needing city permits, from the Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon to birthday parties held at parks.

“According to the strictest interpretation of this, jumpy-jumps and everything else would be subject to environmental review if this ruling stands,” said lawyer Robert Howard, who represented the La Jolla Community Fireworks Foundation in the case. “It’s a breathtaking ruling.”
Superior Court Judge Linda Quinn said La Jolla’s annual Fourth of July fireworks show requires evaluation under the California Environmental Quality Act, or CEQA.
San Diego officials said they issue about 400 special-events permits annually, along with up to 20,000 park-use permits for smaller-scale gatherings — most of which would now need environmental assessment.

Southern weddings may require environmental impact studies………

After 133 Years, Sears Considers Moving From Illinois, Blue States Dying On The Vine

May 27, 2011

CHICAGO—Sears Holdings Corp. is telling Illinois officials it may move its headquarters out of the state if a package of tax incentives is allowed to expire next year. The iconic retailer’s warning comes as Illinois is fending off raids on its businesses by states in the wake of tax increases passed earlier this year.

Sears, which has called the Chicago area home since 1887, has been talking with officials in suburban Hoffman Estates, Ill., where the company employs 6,100 people.

Blue states dying on the vine.