Ask The Eye, Unnormal Wear and Tear

Dear Eye View,
I live in a group house, and one of the roommates is the landlord. He had an office chair in the living room. Several months ago while my boyfriend was sitting in it, the leg snapped and the chair was broken. The landlord previously told us that he bought the chair on Craigslist for $30. I’m now moving out, and the landlord has asked me to replace the chair and suggested a similar one from a local store that costs about $300. I think it’s unreasonable for me to buy him a brand-new chair for that amount of money when that’s not what was broken. I’ve offered to reimburse him what he actually paid for the chair. Am I being a jerk?


Dear Unseated

I understand your concern. I am not a lawyer but play one on television. Tell your landlord the chair was defective through normal wear and tear and you owe him nothing. If he threatens to hold your security deposit, send him the bill for your boyfriends  chair due to his new “back injury”. Hope this helps.




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