Sacramento Man Gets Hammered Tries To Hammer Dog Misses And Hammers Man

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) Sacramento Suspect accused of assault and animal cruelty said he had no intention of harming his friend or his dog in an incident that left all three injured and bloodied Sunday.

Theodore Saunders, 50, admitted he had been drinking heavily with his friend and doesn’t remember much of what led up to his pit bull, Lucy, biting him on the chin, creating a large gash.

“Obviously I wasn’t too happy when Lucy bit me and I might have punched her a couple times,” he said. “I guess it was a hammer, they said. I just grabbed whatever was handy.”

The Sacramento Police Department said Saunders swung a hammer at his dog’s head, but missed, smashing his friend on the right side of his head and causing a severe injury to his eye.

“I guess somebody got in the way,” Saunders said. “I’m very sorry that it happened, and I didn’t intend any harm to him. You know, I imagine he was trying to save Lucy.”

Police arrested Saunders for mayhem, felony assault and animal cruelty. The dog was found with a cut on her face but was otherwise in good health.

Saunders said all he can remember is trying to open a beer for his friend and himself with his bottle opener.



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