Westport Connecticut Redefining Meaning Of Swing Set For Stupid 50- Foot Set -Back Requirement

Rules regarding swing sets and play sets in Westport will go under the microscope Thursday night at the Planning and Zoning Commission public hearing. A proposal was filed to make them exempt from current setback and coverage requirements.

The text amendment, made by resident Cary Moskowitz, seeks to change the definition of a structure to exclude swing sets and play sets, thus, making them an exception to setback and coverage regulations. Currently, swing sets and play sets must by placed at least 50 feet from property lines.

In the application, Moskowitz said that eliminating play sets and swings sets from the definition of structure would “legalize literally hundreds of swing sets and play sets that are illegal by virtue of their encroachment upon side yard and/or front and rear yard setbacks.”

 The public hearing will begin at 7 p.m. in Town Hall Room 201/201A.

Westport meeting to redefine swing set..


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