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Ask The Eye, A Little Landscaping Helps Curb Appeal

March 30, 2011

Dear Eye View,
Last fall, I met a terrific woman from the Mediterranean who may be “the one.” She’s beautiful and has a great body that she likes to show off, but she is also very hairy. She never shaved back home, and having now been steeped in years of women’s studies in the United States, she has become militant about not conforming to the ideal of hairless womanhood. She can’t wait to spend lots of time at my parents’ beach house this summer. She has bought a tiny bikini that she plans on wearing, so lots of her pubic hair is guaranteed to be on display. My mom and dad are going to faint. Hair in the armpits? European. Hair on the legs? Granola. But pubic hair all over the place? I’ve told her she may want to “trim up a bit,” but she refuses. What to do, besides hide her from my mom and dad?


Dear Hairified

I understand your problem. Appeal to her vanity: Tell her that if she refuses to trim her undergrowth, your parents’ embarrassment will keep them from appreciating her great mind and beautiful figure. A little landscaping can help the curb appeal. Othewise you could have an awkward family photo.

Hope this helps.



Eye Lid Procedure Gone Bad, Patient Can Not Close Her Eyes, Duct Tape To The Rescue

March 30, 2011

A jury has started deliberating the case of a woman who says she can’t close her eyes, even when she sleeps. She’s blaming an eyelid procedure gone badly, reports CBS 2’s Christine Sloan.

Marilyn Leisz said she went to a Bergen County plastic surgeon to correct bumps on her eyelids from a cosmetic procedure performed by another doctor — and now she can’t fully close her eyes.

“I can close my eyes like this, but to blink I really have to really squeeze my eyes to … fully close my eyes,” Leisz said.

The married mother of two from Bloomingdale was in court Tuesday suing Dr. Paul Parker for negligence. During a break, Sloan asked Dr. Parker and his attorney for comment. They both declined.

But in court, his attorney told the jury Leisz was warned of the risks and that she never complained after the 2005 eyelid surgery called a blepharoplasty.

“This patient was given information about those risks,” the attorney said. Leisz disagrees. Her attorney played the opinion of another doctor who said she wasn’t a good candidate for this surgery because she had had too many other procedures.

“He should have been honest with me and told me I was not a candidate and suggested other options for me,” Leisz said.

Dr Parker said there was one other option they should have pursued.


Obama Backs The Running Rebels. Who Supports The Gadhafi Side When Rebels Win And Start Their Massacre

March 29, 2011

President Barack Obama wanted to tell a hesitant America why he launched a military assault in Libya, and he wanted to describe it on his terms — limited, sensible, moral and backed by international partners with the shared goal of protecting Libyans from a ruthless despot.

Trouble is, the war he described Monday doesn’t quite match the fight the United States is in.

It also doesn’t line up with the conflict Obama himself had seemed to presage, when he expressly called for Moammar Gadhafi’s overthrow or resignation. Obama’s stated goals stop well short of that. And although Obama talked of the risks of a long war, he did not say just when or on what terms the United States would leave Libya.

Obama never directly mention the Libyan rebels seeking Gadhafi’s overthrow, even though the heavy U.S.-led firepower trained on Gadhafi’s forces has allowed those rebels to regain momentum and push toward Gadhafi’s territory.

“We have intervened to stop a massacre,” Obama said.

When Rebels win and start their massacre do we flip flop and support Gadhafi?


More Men Override GPS Directions Keep Maps In Car, Just In Case

March 28, 2011

Men are more likely to ignore directions given by their satellite navigation systems than women, a survey has found, confirming the old stereotype that men hate asking for directions.

While 83 percent of male drivers regularly rebel against their sat navs, less than three-quarters of women disobey the devices which UK drivers branded as “untrustworthy” and “inaccurate” in the study by insurance retailer Swinton.

“A sat nav should aid your own navigational abilities rather than replace them,” said Steve Chelton, Insurance Development Manager at Swinton, which found drivers were often right to mistrust the global positioning systems.

Over one third of drivers said their navigation system had led them between one and five miles astray, while more than half said directions provided by global positioning systems had triggered an argument with a passenger.

Of 3,000 motorists surveyed, almost two-thirds said they kept a route map in their vehicles “just in case.”

Two thirds of men don’t trust GPS and  keep route map in vehicle just in case..


Madonna Cuts Through Kabbalah Mysticism Red Tape Sacks Teachers Desperately Seeking Settlement

March 28, 2011

Eight workers at Madonna’s Malawi charity are suing the pop star for unfair dismissal and non-payment of their benefits, their lawyer said on Sunday.

The board of the charity, Raising Malawi, was sacked after abandoning plans to build a state of the art girls’ school just outside the capital Lilongwe due to mismanagement, the New York Times newspaper reported on Saturday.

Madonna, who has adopted two children from Malawi, lent $11 million to the organization and is now on the board.

“Their employment was terminated by the trustees of Raising Malawi Academy for Girls ostensibly following the change of plan not to build the school as planned,” Chirambo said.

“My clients are also being forced to sign a discriminatory termination agreement before they are paid their benefits.”

Chirambo said one of the workers he represented was the chief executive of the school, some taught Jewish Kabbalah mysticism while the others were connected to the school project.

The papers were filed with the Industrial Court, which handles labor disputes.

Malawi teachers suing Madona and desperately seeking settlement. Madonna tells Jesse Jackson Papa Don’t Preach I’m keeping my money..

Raining Bombs On Libya Redefined As Kinetic Military Action, E Is For Everyone

March 25, 2011

It appears that the United States is not engaged in a war in Libya after all. According to the Obama administration, America is engaged in a “kinetic military action.” Apparently, that is what happens when we rain bombs and missiles on another country.

If the distinction between “kinetic military action” and “war” is lost on the reader, than he or she could be forgiven. The Obama administration is not the first to use euphemisms to avoid using the “W” word and to try to cloak the reality of what it means to kill people and destroy things as a matter of public policy.

Left wing word speak redefines war as kinetic military action in an effort not to upset everyone.

Westport Connecticut Redefining Meaning Of Swing Set For Stupid 50- Foot Set -Back Requirement

March 25, 2011

Rules regarding swing sets and play sets in Westport will go under the microscope Thursday night at the Planning and Zoning Commission public hearing. A proposal was filed to make them exempt from current setback and coverage requirements.

The text amendment, made by resident Cary Moskowitz, seeks to change the definition of a structure to exclude swing sets and play sets, thus, making them an exception to setback and coverage regulations. Currently, swing sets and play sets must by placed at least 50 feet from property lines.

In the application, Moskowitz said that eliminating play sets and swings sets from the definition of structure would “legalize literally hundreds of swing sets and play sets that are illegal by virtue of their encroachment upon side yard and/or front and rear yard setbacks.”

 The public hearing will begin at 7 p.m. in Town Hall Room 201/201A.

Westport meeting to redefine swing set..


Material Girl Madonna’s Raising Malawi Project Sunk By Union Style Education Material Spending

March 25, 2011

 A high-profile charitable foundation set up to build a school for impoverished girls in Malawi, founded by the singer Madonna and fellow devotees of a prominent Jewish mysticism movement, has collapsed after spending $3.8 million on a project that never came to fruition.

The board of directors of the organization, Raising Malawi, has been ousted and replaced by a caretaker board, including Madonna and her manager, officials with the organization said Thursday. Its executive director, who is the boyfriend of Madonna’s former trainer, Tracy Anderson, left in October amid criticism of his management style and cost overruns for the school. These included what auditors described as outlandish expenditures on salaries, cars, office space and a golf course membership, free housing and a car and driver for the school’s director.

Trevor Neilson, a founder of the Global Philanthropy Group, which Madonna recruited last November amid signs of upheaval at her charity, said he told her that building an expensive school in Malawi was an ineffective form of philanthropy, and suggested instead using resources to finance education programs though existing and proven nongovernmental organizations.

Typical over the top union style spending on things seen and not learned sinks Madonna’s school project. Material girl done in by material spending.


Japan Has Worlds Most Expensive Natural Disaster, US Number 1 Most Expensive Man Made Disaster

March 24, 2011

Japan’s government said the cost of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated the northeast could reach $309 billion, making it the world’s most expensive natural disaster on record.

The extensive damage to housing, roads, utilities and businesses across seven prefectures has resulted in direct losses of between 16 trillion yen ($198 billion) and 25 trillion yen ($309 billion), according to a Cabinet Office estimate Wednesday.

The losses figure is considerably higher than other estimates. The World Bank on Monday said damage might reach $235 billion. Investment bank Goldman Sachs had estimated quake damage would be as much as $200 billion.

Though expensive, this pales in comparison to the world’s largest man made disaster of  $700 Billion the US spent to bail out banks and buy back distressed mortgage backed securities.


400 Pound Sumo Wrestler Runs LA Marathon. Motorist Not Impressed

March 23, 2011

The heaviest person to ever complete a marathon weighed 275 pounds. Add that weight plus the total weight of a great long-distance runner (about 120 pounds) and you’ll get Kelly Gneiting.

Gneiting, a three-time U.S. sumo champion, tipped the scales at 400 pounds when he began Sunday’s Los Angeles Marathon. Nine hours, 48 minutes, 52 seconds later he crossed the finish line and set the Guinness World Record for being the heaviest person to ever complete the 26.2-mile race.

The 400-pound American jogged the first eight miles of the race and walked the last 18, often stopping at intersections and stoplights because he was well behind the 13-minute-per-mile pace set by race organizers. He says he became delirious after mile 10 and only realized he hit the 15-mile mark when a friend gave him a clean pair of socks.

“I was really struggling in the last five miles,” he told the Los Angeles Times, “but I said to myself, ‘If I have to crawl, I will.'”

LA motorist not impressed.