Mrs. Obama Not Proud To Wear American Fashion

Remember how Michelle Obama caught all that flak last month for daring to wear a dress by a European designer to the state dinner for China?

Oscar de la Renta was the first to speak up, saying “American fashion right now is struggling. I think I understand what [Obama and her advisers] are doing, but I don’t think that is the right message at this particular point.”

Then Diane von Furstenberg, president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, said in a statement to WWD: “CFDA believes in promoting American fashion. Our First Lady Michelle Obama has been wonderful at promoting our designers, so we were surprised and a little disappointed not to be represented for this major state dinner.”

Turns out von Furstenberg is a little remorseful about how much criticism the story drew. In a chat with The Daily Beast’s Tina Brown on Friday, the iconic women’s designer is backpedaling a little bit, The Sexy Beast reports: “I said that Mrs. Obama has been extremely supportive of American designers, but clearly we were disappointed that she chose to wear a British designer for the state dinner…

Mrs Obama proud to be American but not of wearing American fashions. No jobs saved or created…


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