Ask The Eye, Just Pass On The Baby

Dear Eye View

I am quite simply not a baby person, but as I am in my mid-20s my friends are starting to have children. As a female, I feel it is expected of me to want to sit and hold the baby. I want to support the parents by taking a meal over to their house and visiting with them soon after the birth of their child, but I get blank stares when I say I don’t want to hold their precious bundle of joy. I love kids and could sit and play with a 2-year-old all day, but I really don’t have any need or desire to hold a baby. I always awkwardly stumble on the words and feel the need to reassure the parent that it is not just their baby, but all babies in general. What would be the proper etiquette to pass on holding a baby? Help

Dear Help

I understand your concern. Maybe rather than pass on holding the baby you should just pass the baby. Just be sure to put your fingers across the seams for best control.  Makes for wholesome family fun. Hope this helps.




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