Oprah Victimizes Her Victimized Fan Base Now For A Fee

 A day after the launch of her ambitious new TV network, the message board on Oprah Winfrey’s website was flooded with posts from fans upset that they now have to pay to see the talk show queen.

“Cannot believe Oprah would launch a new show on a cable channel that is not part of the basic service,” wrote a fan tagged johnjanesmith.

“She will be losing some of her most loyal fans because they either do not have cable or they have basic cable. I have basic cable and do not plan on changing my cable service.

“Oprah has lost me as I am sure many other people. Too bad that she didn’t look into a channel that would serve everyone.”

“I am very disappointed that I will not be able to watch Oprah (whom I love),” wrote lvtootsie. “I cannot afford to pay the extra monthly fee.”

But there were also scores of comments from fans locked out because they either do not subscribe to cable or cannot afford to upgrade from basic service, which does not include OWN. Oprah who has profitted on the victimized and misfortunate  for years, now provides upgraded emotional support for a fee.

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