Ask The Eye, Rodents Willing To Be Guinea Pigs On Attributes Of Drinking

Dear Eye View

If I’m going to drink for my New Years health, which is the most potent potable?

It probably doesn’t matter. Early studies suggested that red wine was the best choice, but most people now attribute those findings to confounding variables. A Danish statistician, for example, reviewed supermarket receipts and found that people who buy wine are more likely to buy olives, fruits, and vegetables, while beer drinkers buy more sugar, butter, chips, prepared foods, and soft drinks. Some researchers argue that alcoholic beverages offer antioxidant benefits, though it’s not clear whether those differ from one drink to another, or, indeed, whether they exist at all. And don’t even think about drinking red wine for the anti-aging chemical resveratrol. No one really understands what it does, and studies on rodents suggest you’d need to consume at least 100 bottles a day for any effect.

Rodents willing to be guinea pigs on drinking studies…





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