Ask The Eye, Should I Drink My Way Through The Holidays?

Dear Eye View

The only way I can get through a dinner with the In-Laws is to get quietly drunk. My husband’s family is one of those utterly joyless, humorless, starched WASPy families. The holiday season brings out the absolute worst in them, since everything and everyone must adhere to the myth of total harmony and effortless perfection. We are all to be all smiles all the time, and nothing that even hints of controversy, such as preferring an iPad to a Kindle, must be discussed. Needless to say, the only way I can get through a dinner with the in-laws is to just get quietly drunk and pray for the end. My husband says this is the only solution, and he does exactly the same thing. But I have another idea. I would like to host ALL the holiday fesitivies at our house, where we are decidedly more animated. I realize this means that all the work, all the cleanup, and all the expenses will fall on me, but I am prepared to make that sacrifice. If my husband issued the invitations firmly, he would not be challenged. No conflicts, after all! We’re all perfectly happy, la la la! In the alternative, I think I should be able to plead a devastating migraine and excuse myself from going to his mother’s house. This should work for at least four or five years. What do you think? Annoyed

Dear Annoyed

I understand what you are saying. Though, when did Waspy become associated with joyless, humorless, and starched? You don’t seem very tolerant or able to find the fun in others.Maybe Ipad and Kindle talk is boring to other people. I think you are as annoying as your inlaws. Also how does moving dinner to your house make everyone more interesting and fun? I recommend sticking to your first idea and quietly drinking your way through the holidays. Do everyone a favor. Hope this helps.





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