World Cup Committee Tells US What We Can Do With Our Vuvuzelas

America’s final pitch to host to the 2022 World Cup was left to a former president and an Oscar-winning actor, who talked of diversity and outlined an aggressive economic plan with hopes of sweeping past Australia, Japan, Qatar and South Korea in Thursday’s vote.

Bill Clinton and Morgan Freeman were the key speakers in a 30-minute presentation that included a video from President Barack Obama and focused heavily on the financial boost soccer would get worldwide by returning to the U.S., where the sport has experienced slow, steady growth during the past 25 years.

While Clinton’s speech veered into highlights of his own foundation’s achievements, Freeman invoked the name of Nelson Mandela, the former South African president who helped bring the 2010 World Cup to that nation. Freeman portrayed Mandela in the movie “Invictus,” based on the former political prisoner’s role in the 1995 Rugby World Cup and using it to unite a country separated by apartheid

America loses bid for 2022 World Cup to Quatar with a total of 3 votes. World Cup committee tells US how to recycle our vuvuzelas.


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