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Ask The Eye, Rodents Willing To Be Guinea Pigs On Attributes Of Drinking

December 31, 2010

Dear Eye View

If I’m going to drink for my New Years health, which is the most potent potable?

It probably doesn’t matter. Early studies suggested that red wine was the best choice, but most people now attribute those findings to confounding variables. A Danish statistician, for example, reviewed supermarket receipts and found that people who buy wine are more likely to buy olives, fruits, and vegetables, while beer drinkers buy more sugar, butter, chips, prepared foods, and soft drinks. Some researchers argue that alcoholic beverages offer antioxidant benefits, though it’s not clear whether those differ from one drink to another, or, indeed, whether they exist at all. And don’t even think about drinking red wine for the anti-aging chemical resveratrol. No one really understands what it does, and studies on rodents suggest you’d need to consume at least 100 bottles a day for any effect.

Rodents willing to be guinea pigs on drinking studies…




Ask The Eye, Is Road Salt Edible?

December 31, 2010

Dear Eye View, Is the salt that gets sprinkled on roads and sidewalks after a storm edible?

 No, it might have impurities. While road salt and table salt come from the same mines, the latter undergoes a more extensive process to remove unwanted minerals. To get road salt, miners simply blast the deposits with explosives and crush the bits to the appropriate size. Some impurities are filtered out, but the final product still contains bits of calcium or even trace amounts of explosives.

 But road salt can make a dynamite bath salt..

Ask The Eye, Timing Is Everything In Life And Retreads

December 30, 2010

Dear Eye View,
Seven years into my marriage with my ex-wife, I still wasn’t sure if I wanted kids. Eventually she stopped having sex with me—citing my indecision as her reason—and our marriage broke up two years ago. Eight months ago, I met my now-fiancee and fell in love very quickly. She’s much more sexually adventurous than my ex-wife, our moral and political beliefs are more in sync, and we’re a better fit for one another. I proposed to her on Thanksgiving shortly after learning she was pregnant. Here’s the weird thing—I’m overjoyed about her pregnancy. I can’t even explain it. Because I have many friends in common with my ex-wife, who’s still single, news reached her quickly. She immediately called me, furious and in tears. She blamed me entirely for the collapse of our marriage and said I should have told her personally about my fiancee’s pregnancy. Given how badly things ended and that we haven’t talked in two years, I disagree. Was I insensitive? Is she right to be angry with me because I’m happy about my impending fatherhood?

—Excited Dad-To-Be


You were not ready then but are ready now. Sometimes timing is everything.Be happy your fiancee/wife is expecting. You have no control over your ex-wife or her happiness. Nothing like a retread to put more rubber on the road.

 Hope this helps.





Nintendo Concerned 3D Function Could Hurt Childrens Eyes, Recommends Old School Visual Entertainment For Young Children

December 30, 2010
Japan’s Nintendo has issued a health warning over the 3D function on its upcoming gaming console, recommending children aged six and under do not play with it to prevent damage to their eyes. At a promotional event near Tokyo in January, “we will offer 2Ds alone to children aged six and younger as continuing to watch 3D images for a long time could negatively affect the development of their eyes,” Nintendo said. 
  Nintendo is concerned regarding our childrens eye health. Recommends old school visual entertainment for children.


Eye View Science, Eye View Of The Eye View, Better Than Uranus

December 30, 2010

Physics teacher Suren Manvelyan took these ocular portraits using his friends, colleagues and pupils as models.For the first time these intensely detailed shots provide a microscopic look at the human eye structure, providing viewers with a different perspective of its complexity.’I was not aware they are of such complicated appearance. Everyday we see hundreds of eyes but do not even suspect they have such beautiful structure, like surfaces of unknown planets.’

Eye View of the eye view. Better than Uranus.

Ask The Eye, Should I Drink My Way Through The Holidays?

December 30, 2010

Dear Eye View

The only way I can get through a dinner with the In-Laws is to get quietly drunk. My husband’s family is one of those utterly joyless, humorless, starched WASPy families. The holiday season brings out the absolute worst in them, since everything and everyone must adhere to the myth of total harmony and effortless perfection. We are all to be all smiles all the time, and nothing that even hints of controversy, such as preferring an iPad to a Kindle, must be discussed. Needless to say, the only way I can get through a dinner with the in-laws is to just get quietly drunk and pray for the end. My husband says this is the only solution, and he does exactly the same thing. But I have another idea. I would like to host ALL the holiday fesitivies at our house, where we are decidedly more animated. I realize this means that all the work, all the cleanup, and all the expenses will fall on me, but I am prepared to make that sacrifice. If my husband issued the invitations firmly, he would not be challenged. No conflicts, after all! We’re all perfectly happy, la la la! In the alternative, I think I should be able to plead a devastating migraine and excuse myself from going to his mother’s house. This should work for at least four or five years. What do you think? Annoyed

Dear Annoyed

I understand what you are saying. Though, when did Waspy become associated with joyless, humorless, and starched? You don’t seem very tolerant or able to find the fun in others.Maybe Ipad and Kindle talk is boring to other people. I think you are as annoying as your inlaws. Also how does moving dinner to your house make everyone more interesting and fun? I recommend sticking to your first idea and quietly drinking your way through the holidays. Do everyone a favor. Hope this helps.





Eye View Buyer Beware, 6 Things You Should Not Buy

December 30, 2010

Many people’s financial troubles begin when they buy an expensive toy or a vacation home.

The buyers assume they’ll save money because they’ll own the items instead of renting them. While that might be true short-term, it rarely works out that way in the long run.

Here are six things that buyers should beware:

6. Timeshares

It never makes sense to buy a timeshare, even if you vacation in the same place every year. Timeshare sellers will tell you that the rooms are bigger than those in a hotel, and come with more amenities. What they don’t tell you is that the glut of timeshares has made it easy to rent one at a fraction of the cost of buying one.You could rent a timeshare every year for the next decade and spend less than you would if you had you bought it. And you wouldn’t be stuck with maintenance fees

5. Boats

There’s an old saying that the two happiest days for boat owners are when they buy the boat and when they get rid of it. Boats are a great way to throw money down the toilet because they cost so much to maintain. There are repairs, docking fees, gas and insurance. You could rent a much nicer boat on the days you want to spend at sea for much less than buying one

4. Recreational vehicles

Some people think vacationing in an RV will be cheaper than staying in a hotel room, but that’s only true if you’re retired and live in the RV. If you buy a modest vehicle for $50,000 and use it 30 nights a year for 10 years, you’ll have spent $167 a night. That can get you a nice room in most places in the U.S. That doesn’t include the costs to fuel, store and insure it.If you want to take a trip in a RV, rent one. You could also spend less by staying in a four-star hotel.

 3. Snowmobiles, jet skis and all-terrain vehicles

You might enjoy driving a snowmobile or jet ski so much on vacation that it seems logical to buy one. But unless you use it every weekend, it’s going to cost you more to buy one than rent. There are also the maintenance and fuel costs to consider

2. Vacation homes

A second home seemed like a sound investment when property values were rising. But the collapse of the real estate market, which has hurt some resort areas more than cities, has many people regretting their purchases.

Buying a rental property to generate income is a good move, but buying a vacation home isn’t. When you add up the amount you’ll spend on your mortgage, taxes, upkeep and insurance, renting a house makes more sense

1. Brett Favre Story


PGA Producer Dings Obama For Excessive Golf Makes Eye View Sports Quote Of The Day

December 29, 2010

Few seem to begrudge President Obama the occasional golf outing (presidents needs to unwind, right?). But John Kim, a producer for (the PGA Tour runs the primary men’s professional golf tours in North America), took to Twitter Tuesday night to ding POTUS for excessive golfing.

In response to learning of Obama’s 50-plus rounds of golf since taking office, Kim wrote, “that’s more than me! But then again, my job is … golf. Wait, that doesn’t seem right.” Eye on sports quote of the day…




94-Year Old Indian Farmer Claims To Be Worlds Oldest Dad, His Member is Member Of The Ghee Club

December 29, 2010

A 94-YEAR-OLD Indian farmer is claiming to be the world’s oldest dad.

Ramajit Raghav claims his wife Shakuntala, 52, gave birth to their son Karamjit just last month.The couple have described the boy as “god’s gift” — and aren’t ruling out having more.

It is unknown how many children Ramajit has.QuantcastThe farmer lives in the village of Kharkhoda in Haryana, northern India.

He owns two cows and put his virility down to his high-calorie diet, which includes five pints of milk, a pound of almonds and a pound of ghee, a clarified butter popular in India, a day.

If his claim is true Ramajit would take the title of the world’s oldest dad.

Male enhancement companies soliciting new members for the ghee club.


PETA Praises Obama And Return Of Quarterback Michael Vick But Still Hates Bush

December 29, 2010

The president’s decision to offer praise for NFL quarterback Michael Vick is garnering mostly positive reviews from the public–including from the largest animal rights group in the world.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) told The Washington Post’s Perry Bacon Jr. that it was “appropriate” for Obama to praise the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles for giving Vick a second chance following Vick’s prison term for his role in a dog-fighting ring.

“Obama’s a sports guy, Vick’s a sports guy, and comebacks and redemption can happen,”

Bacon maintained that redemption is a good thing but as usual we will always hate Bush forever no mater what.