Ask The Eye, Chestnuts Caught In An Open Drive-by

Dear Eye View
I timed it perfectly and my guests were in the living room having cocktails waiting for what I what I was sure would be the great feast for Thanksgiving. The turkey was in the oven, but why was it taking so long? This should have have been done a half hour ago. I finally took the turkey out and looked inside it’s cavity and there it was, that big bag of turkey neck, livers and gizzards I had forgotten to take out, and getting it out when the turkey was so hot wasn’t cool but I did it and using something that looked like forceps. I forgot to put the chestnuts in the stuffing so I figured roasted chestnuts would look nice on top of the stuffing. In went the chestnuts into the oven, It would only take about 10 to 15 minutes. When I opened up the oven you would have thought there was a drive-by shooting. Bang bang bang boom!!!! Chestnuts flew out all over the walls and hit the ceiling. I heard glasses break inside the living room and hit the floor. My guests dropped their drinks on the couch, the chairs, the wooden floor and they didn’t know which way to run.  I had forgotten to slice the chestnuts so they wouldn’t explode all over the place. Let’s just say that Thanksgiving this year was a one bang-up of a Thanksgiving.
You idiot you’ll shout your eye out..

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