Ask The Eye, Home For The Holidays There Are People That Care

Dear Eye View

I am a single, 72-year-old woman with no children, and most of my family is estranged, so I do not spend holidays with any of them and it has been that way for many, many years (and it is OK). Every year around holiday time, I get an invitation to Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner from people who “figure” that I may be alone for the holidays. That is a kind gesture, but I never hear from them for the rest of the year … ever. I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but I am offended and feel like a charity case when I get these invites. If they really cared about me or considered me a friend, wouldn’t they want to know how I am the rest of the year? I graciously turn them down, but I always feel that it is more for them than me because people like to feel like they are helping the “needy” and they feel warm a fuzzy this time of year. Am I looking at this wrong?


Dear Wondering

Yea you are looking at this wrong. They are asking you to visit at Thanksgiving which seems to be more than you have ever done for others. Accept their invitations for Thanksgiving or Christmas parties. You never know when you will meet that person who really cares about you and wants to be intimate.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving




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