Obama Autopens Everything, Leaving No Personal Paper Trail,Teleprompter Could Get Jealous

When Gary Zimet learned about Jennifer Cline’s handwritten response letter from President Barack Obama, regarding her lose of job and health benefits,  he reached out to see if she was interested in selling it. The letter was incredibly rare as far as presidential documents go.

It took five or six months for the 28-year-old mom from Michigan to respond, Zimet said, but she accepted and sold the letter for $7,000.

Now, that rare document belongs to Zimet, of New York-based Moments in Time, and his business partner, Bill Panagopulos, of Stamford-based Alexander Autographs.

“She drove from Michigan to here and we gave her a certified bank check,” Panagopulos said.

The four-line letter penned from the sitting president is one of few authentic handwritten Obama letters Panagopulos has seen.“I’ve never seen a rarer president,” Panagopulos said.

Now the letter is up for sale.

As time goes on, it is becoming more and more rare for handwritten letters from the White House to make it to market, Panagopulos said.

Word in the industry is that Obama only answers about 10 letters each week. Many are typed and signed with an autopen.

Those letters are “monetarily worthless,” Zimet said. “I have not yet see one typed authentically signed letter from Obama …  He autopens everything.”

Much like voting present, Obama may leave a worthless personal papertrail..

The teleprompter could get jealous..


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One Response to “Obama Autopens Everything, Leaving No Personal Paper Trail,Teleprompter Could Get Jealous”

  1. Michael P. Powers Says:

    I have one of those hand written post card type letters from President Obama from back in 2009…I wrote to him asking him to stop smoking and he answered it…Afterward I was visited and interviewed by The Asahi Shimbum Newspaper, and I have a copy of the newspaper along with two letters thanking me for letting them interview me…Also After President Obama had the Navy Seals take out bin laden I wrote him and let him know that in my mind he did very good and he answered it on 13/July/11, on mint colored White House stationary with a 44 cent stamp that has been canceled by the Postal service…M.P.P.

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