Ask The Eye, Its More Fun With Maw Maw Around

Dear Eye View

I am in my mid-20s and for the past two years have been dating the most beautiful, fascinating woman I’ve ever met, and we’re talking about getting married. Her family is fervently religious and has very traditional ideas about premarital relations. They’ve been polite to me but never particularly warm. Last weekend, after much insistence on my girlfriend’s part, I was invited to stay at her family’s vacation home. Of course, we slept in separate rooms. Late one night, my girlfriend persuaded me to have sex with her in the backyard—outdoor sex is a fetish of hers. The next morning, her 80-year-old grandmother was very upset, convinced that during the night she had seen two people having sex in the backyard. Her grandmother is becoming a bit senile, and nobody believed her. My girlfriend and I were far too embarrassed to come forward. A week later, her grandmother is still adamant about what she saw and is talking about calling the police. The family had been considering moving her into an assisted-living facility, and now they’re convinced they must. My girlfriend and I feel incredibly guilty that our behavior could land her grandmother in assisted living, but we fear that if we come forward, her parents will be so angry that our relationship will suffer, if not end. Should we fess up, or get ready to visit Grandma at her new home on weekends?  embarrassed

Dear Embarrassed

Don’t throw Grandma from the train and confess you guys were fooling around. Its more fun to have maw maw around.. Hope this helps



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