Ask The Eye, Make It A Hillbilly Homewrecker

Dear Eye View

I work in a small, close-knit office. There is one “boss” to speak of, but we all work mostly independently. Most of our staff have advanced college degrees. My problem occurs during lunchtime. There have been quite a few times that the “boss” reaches on my plate and takes some food. I don’t mind sharing; I mind her hand in my food! Once she reached in an individual chip package and grabbed a handful of chips. We often put fruit or chips in the middle of the table and everyone helps themselves, but it feels rude and intrusive when she puts her hand in my plate. I think it would hurt her feelings if I said something, but it really bugs me! Advice?


Dear Bugged

To keep your Boss’s hands off your food, change your food. I recommend the Hillbilly Homewrecker.

A deep-fried 15”, 1-pound dog with peppers, onions, nacho cheese, chili sauce, jalapeños, mustard, ketchup, coleslaw, tomatoes, lettuce, and shredded cheese.

Hope this helps…




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