Lady Sees Jesus In Her MRI, Call In To Guy That Saw Grilled Cheeseus For Confirmation

A South Carolina woman calls it a divine discovery. The cancer patient had an MRI recently, and the woman believes the face of Jesus is visible in the image.

When Tammie Cohrs had to have an MRI scan last week, she was nervous, and uncomfortable, so she reached out to someone who always gives her comfort. She says, “As soon as they put me in there, I just started praying, and I just prayed, ‘Lord, just be with me.'”

The Greer woman’s faith has helped her stay positive after being diagnosed with a rare form of oral cancer in august. She says what happened while she was having the MRI scan brought her to tears. Tammie says, “I just had this wonderful experience that I was with Him.”

When Tammie picked up the MRI image a few days later, she says she saw physical proof that someone had indeed heard her prayers. She says, “And I was just kind of scrolling over it and all of a sudden, I just saw that, it just popped right out at me, and I thought, ‘No way. I’m seeing something wrong.'”

 Tammie says, “You can clearly see Jesus’s eyes, his eyebrow, his nose, his mouth.” Call is made  to guy that saw Grill Cheeseus for confirmation..

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