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Hugo Chavez Hates Golf But Loves Baseball And A Government That Picks Winners and Losers

October 31, 2010

President Hugo Chavez said some of Venezuela’s golf courses should be expropriated and used for other purposes.

“That’s an injustice — that someone should have the luxury of having I don’t know how many hectares to play golf and drink whiskey and, next door, there’s misery and children dying when there are landslides,” Chavez said during his weekly television show, “Alo, Presidente.”

Dozens of people died in the past month when landslides caused their homes to collapse after heavy rains. Chavez said he will dedicate himself to resolving Venezuela’s housing shortage.

Chavez also called on Venezuelans to actively look for abandoned private land to expropriate. Chavez hates golf but loves baseball and baseball stadiums. Chavez runs a government that picks winners and losers..


Finally High Tech Airport Full Body Scanners Come Through, Help Make Bust Of Civil War Dolls

October 31, 2010

Two Civil War-era dolls thought to have been used to smuggle medicine past Union blockades were X-rayed Wednesday, disclosing hollowed papier-mache heads that once could have contained quinine or morphine for wounded or malaria-stricken Confederate troops.

The 150-year-old dolls, dubbed Nina and Lucy Ann, were likely packed with the drugs and shipped from Europe in the hope that Union troops would not inspect toys when looking for contraband, a museum official said.

Home Land Security taults success of new security program stating it is a federal office to traffic illegal drugs. Officials said, unlike the US mail that can takes 100 years to deliver a package, Home Land Security was able to quickly  deliver the goods on a 100 year old package.

Possible Change in Tax Laws Have Some Wyoming Taxpayers Considering Tax Form RIP Combining Death And Taxes

October 31, 2010

U.S. Rep. Cynthia Lummis says some of her Wyoming constituents are so worried about the reinstatement of federal estate taxes that they plan to discontinue dialysis and other life-extending medical treatments so they can die before Dec. 31.

Lummis, a Republican who holds her state’s lone seat in the House, declined to name any of the people who have made the comments.

But she said many ranchers and farmers in the state would rather pass along their businesses — “their life’s work” — to their children and grandchildren than see the federal government take a large chunk.

“If you have spent your whole life building a ranch, and you wanted to pass your estate on to your children, and you were 88 years old and on dialysis, and the only thing that was keeping you alive was that dialysis, you might make that same decision,” Lummis told reporters.

Lummis and other Republicans are fighting to renew the Bush-era tax cuts, which expire at the end of the year. The cuts exempt large inheritances as well as certain wage income, interest, dividends and capital gains. She said the estate tax would go from zero this year to a maximum of 55 percent next year.

NPR Headspinner,Totenberg Fear Of Conservatives, Good Opinion, Williams Fear Of Moslims, Bad Opinion

October 31, 2010

NPR’s Nina Totenberg said Friday that she’s very afraid of the upcoming elections.

Newsweek’s Evan Thomas, her co-panelist on “Inside Washington,” said historians might look upon November 2, 2010 “as kind of a joke…obviously the political system’s a mess”.

 GORDON PETERSON: Nina, columnist Paul Krugman says if the election goes as expected, his advice is be afraid, be very afraid. Should we take his advice?

NINA TOTENBERG, NPR: I am already afraid, very afraid. I mean, it’s not like governance has been going great. I think we’ll, I don’t know whether I should be afraid, but there will be gridlock.

Obviously NPR has no problems with Totenbergs fear of conservatives while could not tolerate Williams fear of Muslims. Some thoughts are better than others..



Eye View On Location, Stewart Colbert Rally, I See White People

October 30, 2010

WASHINGTON – People assembled by the tens of thousands Saturday on the National Mall for a “sanity” rally blending laughs, activism and a call to civility from two improbable maestros of moderation, comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

The crowds were festive, goofy, disillusioned with the state of politics if not the nation, and ready to play nice at a gathering called to counter all the shouting and flying insults of these polarized times. But there were political undertones, too, pushing back against conservatives ahead of Tuesday’s election.

“I hate signs,” said one sign. “Have you seen my keys?” said another.

Slogans urged people to “relax.” But also: “Righties, don’t stomp on my head,” a reference to a Republican rally in Kentucky at which a liberal activist was pulled to the ground and stepped on. And, “I wouldn’t care if the president was Muslim.”

Stewart Colbert rally for moderate white people.


John Kerry Whines While Republicans Couldn’t Block Their Grandmother

October 29, 2010

BOSTON—Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry unleashed a broadside Thursday against Republican “obstructionism,” saying the GOP and its talk-show allies have created a “period of know-nothingism” in the country.

With his party braced for defeats in the midterm elections, the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee told the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce that a Republican machine — fueled by talk show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck — has undermined progress and misled the public into believing Democrats created the country’s current economic problems.

Kerry singled out attacks on an energy deal he was negotiating with Republicans, which fell apart amid criticism of an emissions-trading program. “It’s absurd. We’ve lost our minds,” said a clearly exasperated Kerry. “We’re in a period of know-nothingism in the country, where truth and science and facts don’t weigh in. It’s all short-order, lowest common denominator, cheap-seat politics.”

“The obstructionism is stunning,” Kerry said, noting the country still lacks an assistant treasury secretary. “I think America really needs to know more of this kind of tactic and how it’s shortchanging us.”
With a Democratic President and  Democratic super majorities in the House and Senate, Republicans couldn’t block their grandmothers..

TARP Money Continues To Leave Taxpayers Blowing In The Wind

October 29, 2010

  WASHINGTON (AP) – The Treasury Department says its bank bailouts are over, but the spending continues.

In a Sept. 22 speech, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said the bailouts “are completely behind us.”

That’s not quite correct. In the final six months in which it could spend money from the Troubled Asset Relief Program, Treasury set aside $243 million for new contracts for law firms, accountants and money managers to help run what’s left of the bailouts – on top of the $529 million already spent on work by staff, private companies and other agencies. Many of the contracts last until 2019, and there’s nothing to stop the government from hiring even more help if it’s needed to chase down the remaining bailout money.

Most of the contracts Treasury awarded recently are for work officials can’t even describe, because it’s not yet needed.

Yet Treasury still has no plan for recapturing investments from the banks that can’t pay dividends or repay their bailouts. That program doesn’t have an end date.

Government will continue to hire workers to track bailout money for projects with no names,dates, or need with no end in site..

Ask The Eye, Its More Fun With Maw Maw Around

October 28, 2010

Dear Eye View

I am in my mid-20s and for the past two years have been dating the most beautiful, fascinating woman I’ve ever met, and we’re talking about getting married. Her family is fervently religious and has very traditional ideas about premarital relations. They’ve been polite to me but never particularly warm. Last weekend, after much insistence on my girlfriend’s part, I was invited to stay at her family’s vacation home. Of course, we slept in separate rooms. Late one night, my girlfriend persuaded me to have sex with her in the backyard—outdoor sex is a fetish of hers. The next morning, her 80-year-old grandmother was very upset, convinced that during the night she had seen two people having sex in the backyard. Her grandmother is becoming a bit senile, and nobody believed her. My girlfriend and I were far too embarrassed to come forward. A week later, her grandmother is still adamant about what she saw and is talking about calling the police. The family had been considering moving her into an assisted-living facility, and now they’re convinced they must. My girlfriend and I feel incredibly guilty that our behavior could land her grandmother in assisted living, but we fear that if we come forward, her parents will be so angry that our relationship will suffer, if not end. Should we fess up, or get ready to visit Grandma at her new home on weekends?  embarrassed

Dear Embarrassed

Don’t throw Grandma from the train and confess you guys were fooling around. Its more fun to have maw maw around.. Hope this helps


Sri Lankan Mule Transports Diamonds and Wingman To Make A Cell Phone Call

October 28, 2010
CHENNAI: A Sri Lankan who had 2,060 pieces of diamonds and other precious stones lodged in his stomach was arrested from the Chennai airport by the central crime branch of the suburban police.
Addressing a press conference on Wednesday, Chennai suburban police commissioner S R Jangid said he received a call on Tuesday morning from a reliable informant that the man was travelling to Chennai on an Air India flight. “That was the only information available and no other clue, but we zeroed in on him as soon as he came out of the airport and tried to call and  board a taxi,” he said.

Displaying the stones, Jangid said Rafi had a valid passport and was acting as a human courier and was paid only Rs 10,000 for the job. He had stored the precious stones in 42 condoms and had swallowed all of them. It took the police six hours to retrieve the stones after they fed him with laxatives and bananas.

Police were amazed to discover his idiot partner accompanying him to cell phone in the call they had arrived to drop off the diamonds.

Jack Finally Dethroned, Mohammed Surges In The Poll For Brits Most Popular Newborn Name

October 28, 2010

Mohammed has become the most popular name for newborn boys in Britain. It shot up from third the previous year, overtaking Jack, which had topped the list for the past 14 years but was relegated to third spot.

Olivia topped the list for little girls for the second year in a row, behind Ruby and Chloe.A total of 7,549 newborns were given 12 variations of the Islamic prophet Mohammed’s name last year, such as Muhammad and Mohammad.

The name Jack is now over the hill in England….