Pelosi Says Current Elections Not About Her, Stupid Is As Stupid Does

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Tuesday Democrats will keep the House in November, and blamed the Citizens United ruling – which opened up new avenues for corporate money in elections — for giving Republicans an advantage this year.

When asked about her previous predictions about Democrats retaining control, she said she “absolutely” still believes they will.

“I predict that again, absolutely,” she said. “The change in dynamic we have here is a Supreme Court decision which said that corporate America can pour endless money into campaigns even companies substantially owned by overseas interest. Even companies which have received tarp funds can pour funds into these elections, undisclosed. That’s a new dynamic in politics. I think it undermines our democracy. But it is a reality and we’re not whining about it. We intend to win. No one just goes out there and wins.”

Pelosi brushed off the idea that the election is a referendum on her leadership, a message Republicans have spent the entire summer hammering home.


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