Rep Rangel Using Three- Way Defense, Eye View Suggests A Fourth

To rebut a lengthy list of alleged ethical misdeeds, Rep. Charles Rangel is trotting out this three-way defense: I didn’t do it. I did it, but was inattentive. Others lawmakers were allowed to do same thing without penalty.

It’s an approach that nervous Democrats are watching closely in one of the most politically explosive cases in years.

Should it go to a public trial this fall, smack in the middle of the election season, and should his defense fall short, that won’t help Democratic candidates forced to defend their party’s ethics against Republican campaign attacks.

The GOP already is demanding that specific Democratic candidates give up contributions provided by Rangel’s political organizations, and about a half-dozen Democrats have asked the 20-term lawmaker to resign.

Eye View suggests the fourth defense, I was asleep and wasn’t paying attention..



One Response to “Rep Rangel Using Three- Way Defense, Eye View Suggests A Fourth”

  1. Lashawn Blackley Says:

    So an official (Charles Rangel) has they say that being using his rank for his own profit. And we should be suprised about this. people say that the oldest profession is usually to do with certain bedroom frolics but its really people in power acting corruptly.

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