Eye View Book Review, The Angelina Jolie Biography, Hold the Mountain Dew

The Unauthorized biography of Angelina JolieĀ is ready to hit the stands while readers are waiting for Eye View book review.

Here’s a roundup of just a few of the topics you might discuss, should you make “Angelina” the next selection. . Now discuss amongst yourselves..Bring plenty of Coca Cola and Pepsi’s to your book club..

Jolie’s virginity: According to USA Today, the book reports that Jolie lost her virginity at 14 and was assisted in her young sexual efforts by mother Marcheline Bertrand who previously abandoned her as an infant and who gave up the master bedroom so Jolie and her then-boyfriend could make good use of it.

Eye View Book club discussion topic: Is it a good idea to allow one’s daughter to have sex in one’s own bed? How does the author use irony here to make an important point about gender politics and mother-daughter relationships? How does the abandonment symbolism compare with movie Wanted??

The Mountain Dew incident: As the Chicago Sun-Times notes, the biography also reports that Angelina Jolie once peed into an empty Mountain Dew bottle, chilled it in the refrigerator and gave the “beverage” to the then-mistress of her father, Jon Voight.

Eye View Book club discussion topic: Do you agree that the appearance of urine symbolizes the fluidity of the relationship between Jolie and Voight? Also: Doesn’t Mountain Dew already kind of taste like pee? What about the calories??

Jolie’s hookup with Leonardo DiCaprio: Apparently Jolie and DiCaprio were set up by their agents in 1998 and semi-hooked up once, allegedly taking a shower together. Ultimately, though, they didn’t have any sexual chemistry.

Eye View Book club discussion topic: What is the significance of this encounter? Is this an effective use of foreshadowing that builds additional tension surrounding the box office battle between “Inception” and “Salt”? Was this a mountain dew shower?

The Billy Bob tattoo: The tat that Jolie once had scrawled on her nether regions in honor of now-ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton was written in Helvetica font.

Eye View Book club discussion topic: What does the boldness of that font choice say about Jolie’s feelings for Thornton? And why didn’t she go for something edgier, like Garamond or Century Gothic? Angelina does like to get her Goth on..

Naughty photos: Scandalous pictures of Jolie — largely naked save for nipple tape in one, and allegedly doing drugs in another — are printed in the book.

Eye View Book club discussion topic: Nothing to discuss here. Just pass those babies around.

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