Obama Lies About Snooki, The View Exposes Snookigate

President Obama went on ‘The View’ yesterday  and was asked some very difficult questions. For example, Joy Behar asked “Should Snooki run as mayor of Wasilla?” His response to the question, aimed to take a jab at Sarah Palin, was to say he did not know who Snooki was. Unfortunately the President was not totally truthful.At the White House Correspondents Association Roast dinner on May 1, Obama joked about Snooki and her MTV reality show ‘Jersey Shore’ in his health-care bill: Obama joked that, Tonight, in the interest of transparency, I would like to share a couple. Let’s see. This provision is called the Bay State of Denial. It reads, this bill shall cover short-term memory loss relating to the passage of Massachusetts’ health care reform. Good news. Your condition is covered.

Also in discussing the new 10% tax on tanning salons he joked that   this provision is called the Jersey Shore-up. It reads, the following individuals shall be excluded from the indoor tanning tax within this bill. Snooki, JWoww, The Situation, and…House Minority Leader John Boehner.

Obama takes jab at Palin,trips over feet..



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2 Responses to “Obama Lies About Snooki, The View Exposes Snookigate”

  1. SnookiGate Threatens White Hou… | america1first.com Says:

    […] Obama Lies About Snooki, The View Exposes Snookigate « Moody Eye View […]

  2. jwoww Says:

    i am a full time actress and i have been studying theatre at Uconn. anyway, i really want jwoww on the jersey shore, id love to get my start on a tv show like that

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