Clintons Desperate To Unload Chelsea, $2M Payoff

When Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky tie the knot on July 31 they will be surrounded by friends, family and an A-list of celebrities that is likely to include more than one world leader. Hey, Dad’s a former president and Mom’s the current Secretary of State, after all.

Details of the wedding are slowly leaking out — it’s presumed to be in the small upstate New York village of Rhinebeck– and it doesn’t appear to disappoint. While nobody but the Clintons knows the exact price, it’s shaping up to be a costly affair: the total price tag could easily reach $2 million.

Finally a taker…



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4 Responses to “Clintons Desperate To Unload Chelsea, $2M Payoff”

  1. Bob Moody Says:

    She has never recovered from that blow with the ugly stick.

  2. moodyeyeview Says:

    Yea well lets see if she converts. Bill is loved by the Jews. Lets see if Bill loves the Jews..

  3. Erin Says:

    Harsh, GD!

  4. moodyeyeview Says:

    Call it like we see it…….

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