Director Oliver Stone Believes In Nationalizing Things

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill shows that the United States should follow the example of South American socialists in nationalizing its energy industry, filmmaker Oliver Stone said Tuesday.

The Academy Award-winning director of “Born on the Fourth of July” and “JFK” said that America’s country’s natural wealth was too important to be left in private hands, telling journalists in central London that oil and other natural resources “belong to the people.”

“This BP oil spill is typical” of what happens when private industry is allowed to draw revenue on what should be a public good, Stone said.

“We shouldn’t make this kind of profit on oil or on health or on war or on prisons. All these industries should be public industries.”

Stone, 63, is in the British capital to promote his documentary, “South of the Border,” which tells the story of  President Hugo Chavez and his left-wing Latin American allies.

The 75-minute film is meant to draw attention to the social improvements ushered in by Chavez, who has nationalized vast swaths of Venezuela’s economy, including important parts of the oil sector and big chunks of the banking, electric and steel industries. Bolivian leader Evo Morales, also interviewed by Stone for the documentary, has similarly expanded the state’s control over the country’s energy infrastructure.

At $20 a movie ticket, maybe Stone should admit that we shouldn’t have such huge profits on movies and  promote US nationalization of movie industry for social improvement..


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One Response to “Director Oliver Stone Believes In Nationalizing Things”

  1. coloruizavilagimenez Says:

    America is the place where any idiot from the extreme left is able to say anything in freedom. Lets see if Mr Oliver Stone would have something to say against the politics of Chavez or Castro in Venezuela or Cuba. The all world knows that this Stone is not a rock….is just another “zurdo,camarada de ruta del Partido.” Look into Google for translation, Republicans…..

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