Episode 6, Adventures in Sunderland, Taming Tornado Alley

In Episode 6 of Adventures in Sunderland, Storm-chasers Roger and Caryn Hill will take  Abby Sunderland, junior thrill seeker, on the hunt of her  life  chasing deadly and destructive tornados.

Ploughing their way through ‘Tornado Alley’, Roger and Caryn will take Abby along the back alleys of the most dangerous tornados in the world.

Offering adrenaline inducing ‘Silver Lining Tours’, Abby  will be taken to within a quarter of a mile of some of the swirling 300mph vertical wind funnels to test her emotional “sails”.

Getting so close to the tornados Abby will  hear their roar and see debris flying inside them.

‘They can move at up to 60mph and they turn at up to 300mph,’ she said.

‘They can be over one mile wide and they can destroy entire towns and uproot entire villages. Watch Abby attempt to bag some F4 tornadoes..

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