Episode 5, The Adventures in Sunderland, Watch Out Baby On Board

In Episode Five, of Adventures of Sunderland, Cannonball Run, 16-year old Abby Sunderland, junior thrill seeker, will attempt to perform the dangerous demolition car stunts at the annual Knoxville car and thrill show. Lets follow Abby’s wacky  adventures attempting to  fly through the air in her Ford Fairlane “Crazy Eyes”. In true Sunderland fashion, her new baby brother, Paul-Louis Sunderland, who weighed 8lbs-9oz born last Tuesday will ride with her in the front seat with no restraining belts.

The newborn was named after Paul Louis Le Moigne, the captain of Ile De La Reunion, which picked up Abby after her 40-foot (12m) yacht, Wild Eyes, was damaged in rough seas.


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