Ask The Eye,Your Size Is Not Everything, But Neither Are Your Cargo Shorts

Dear Eye View,
I have a new boyfriend who is generous, fun, kind, gentle, and very loving. We rekindled after several years apart and didn’t break up badly the first time. I like him and I could possibly see a life with him. The problem is that he isn’t well-endowed; well below average, in fact. I knew this before we rekindled, but thought I could look past it. I’m not a size queen, but I really would like to enjoy a fuller sex life, so to speak. I would never mention this to him, because I would never want to hurt his feelings. I realize this is not the most important part of life, but I really want to have a satisfying sex life along with everything else. Any suggestions on how to get over this issue?

Coming up Short..

Dear Coming Up Short,

Concentrate on his other wonderful qualities. Hope this helps


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