Ask The Eye, A Good Ass Can Be A Window To The World..

Dear Eye View

I’m 52 years old and divorced. My girlfriend is a 40 years old  divorced Latino women. We are in love, and our relationship of nine months is serious. My issue is that when she dresses casually it is often too provocative: midriff exposed, low-cut top, bra-less. I find her clothes embarrassing at times; I wouldn’t feel comfortable with my college-age daughter wearing these outfits. My girlfriend is very pretty, has not had children, and is thin, which she is clearly flaunting. She is a wonderful, loving person, and I don’t know how to have the conversation without hurting her feelings. How do I start this conversation?

Feeling Prudish

Dear FB

Lets review….Your girlfriend is 12 years younger, has no children, is a hot Latino women,  is loving and wonderful, and dresses like a hottie. If she likes sports she is 6 for 6. What is your problem??? The eyes may be a window to the soul but a good ass can be a window to the world. Keep your mouth shut or she may decide there are better things to do than you……. pendejo. Hope this helps..



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