UK Prime Minister Says,Take The Boot Off The Neck Of BP And Replace With Wingtips

 David Cameron, UK prime minister, said on Thursday that the British government stood ready to help BP with its cleanup efforts and that he completely understood US frustration.

The concerns of the UK business community come amid mounting unease in Britain that attacks on BP for its handling of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill are being dictated by the politics of November’s midterm Congressional elections rather than normal regulatory considerations.

Repeated references by senior US politicians to “British Petroleum” – which has not been the company’s name since 1998 – have fuelled fears of a wider backlash against UK companies.

Richard Lambert, director-general of the CBI, the UK employers’ group, said the presidential attack was “obviously a matter of concern – politicians getting heavily involved in business in this way always is”. Mr Lambert suggested the White House strategy was misplaced. He said: “Apart from anything else, BP is a vital part of the US energy infrastructure. So the US has an interest in the welfare of BP, as much as the rest of the world does”. He said that British business appreciated the gravity of the spill but warned: “There is a danger that … there will be a prejudice against British companies because of it.”

O has serious balancing act by using BP as a punching bag, could provide short term political relief, but bankrupt BP and stick tax payers and angry shareholders with the cleanup bill and higher energy prices. O being the community  organizer is a one trick pony, having  experience attacking business but never cooperating.



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