Ask The Eye.Bath Room Etiquette

Dear Eye View: I am a father of two beautiful daughters, ages 1 and 4. We spend a lot of time outside, in parks, museums, and restaurants. And, of course, they often have to go to the restroom accompanied.

I often wonder whether to take them to the men’s or women’s restroom. I used to always go to the women’s—it’s cleaner, and they don’t see men peeing.

I am always apologetic if there is a woman in the restroom, but it is honestly never a problem, and they always say, “Oh, never mind, that’s normal”—the several frowns and protests always came from men. This really led me to think about it.

I still think that we should go to a ladies’ room. I mean there is really nothing to see there, is there? And after all, my daughters are young ladies, so why should they not go to a ladies’ toilet? What do you think?  Ladies Man

Dear Ladies Man

This is a touchy subject and should be  determined on a case by case basis. For the most part the ladies restrooms have fewer toilets, longer lines, and dudes that look like ladies. Just try to blend in.. Hope this helps.


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