I Can Plug Oil Well, Says New York City Kid Genius

BP’s engineers can’t stop the gushing oil spill, but a young genius from Long Island says she found the solution in less time than it takes most people to finish a crossword puzzle.

Since the “top kill,” “junk shot” and “top hat” techniques failed to end the environmental nightmare, Alia Sabur — who started her engineering Ph.D. at age 14 — is pushing for a more radical idea.

The Northport native, who started reading before she could walk and who at 18 broke a 300-year-old record to become the youngest-ever college professor, proposes surrounding a pipe with deflated automobile tires, inserting it into the leaking riser, and then inflating the wheels to form a seal.

The oil company has tried to drop containment domes over the leaks, but one missed its mark and the other got clogged with an icy mix of methane gas and water. It has also tried pumping mud, golf balls, tire scraps and other objects into the well to stop the flow.

“I figured experts would know more about it than I did but their ideas didn’t work,” she said. “So I started thinking about it.”

She calls the plan the “seabed DC retread.”

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