Obama Takes Ownership Of Oil Spill.Presidential Ass On the Hot Seat

By claiming ownership of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, President Barack Obama may stem criticism that he hasn’t been sufficiently engaged. Avoiding political fallout from what may become the nation’s worst environmental disaster will be more difficult.

“It really is a no-win situation,” said Democratic strategist Mike McCurry, who served as former President Bill Clinton’s spokesman. “The consequences environmentally could be dreadful and last for a long, long time.”

And while Obama vowed that BP Plc would “pay every dime they owe for the damage,” the consequences from an ecological catastrophe could also ripple through the economy.

In an hour-long White House news conference, Obama  defended his actions so far, saying he and his administration made the spill “our highest priority” immediately after BP’s oil rig caught on fire on April 20 and collapsed.

“I had my team in the Oval Office that first day,” Obama said. “Those who think that we were either slow on our response or lacked urgency don’t know the facts.”

Obama said it’s his job to “get this fixed,” adding, “I take responsibility.”

Presidential ass officially on the BP hot seat… wherever he goes..

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