Ask The Eye..Grow Up and Say Cheese..

Dear Eye View,
Every year my fiance’s family takes a portrait together and mails it out as their holiday card. His parents included their new son-in-law when their daughter got married. This is the first holiday since my fiance and I got engaged, and they have already commented on needing a bigger lens to fit everyone in this year. However, I have no interest in being in their picture this year or any year. They sign the card “The Smiths,” but I have no plans to change my name and don’t feel this last name would be mine. I plan to decline to be in the photo since I have always looked forward to having my own family and sending our own pictures to family and friends. How can I gently say to my husband’s family, “Time to cut the umbilical cord” and let your children start their own holiday family traditions? The thought of the upcoming family photo is making me sick and filling me with anger.

—Won’t Say “Cheese”

Dear Cheese

I lost count of the number of I’s in your stupid letter. Holiday photos are not about you, but the family. Growing up is doing things for other family members you may view as being beneath you. Choose another part of your life to make a point.. Lose the attitude and take the freak’n picture with your future family and make someone happy… you dumbbass. Your future family may think you are an uptight bitch so surprise them.. After all, it may not be that bad..Hope this helps..

Eye View


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One Response to “Ask The Eye..Grow Up and Say Cheese..”

  1. Julia Says:

    that photo is just cute as all heck

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