LA City Council Says Look Over There At Az Not Here At Our Budget Woes

LA Could Pass Arizona Boycott

Two Los Angeles City Council members called Tuesday for an economic boycott to protest a tough new immigration law in Arizona.

“It’s important that the second-largest city in the country respond to a legislative act that, in essence, promotes persecution and racial profiling of a group of people that make up a large number of this country’s citizenry,” Councilman Ed Reyes said.

“More than half of the folks living in Los Angeles are Latino, and for us to do nothing is unacceptable,” he said. The resolution introduced by Reyes and Councilwoman Janice Hahn calls for the city of Los Angeles to “refrain from conducting business with the state of Arizona.

The City of Los Angeles has a $210 million deficit and is considering  closing most city departments every other Friday, laying off 926 employees, and forcing remaining employees to take 26 unpaid days off.

Obviously the LA council has decided to direct  voter attention at Phoenix since they can’t deal with their problems back home…



5 Responses to “LA City Council Says Look Over There At Az Not Here At Our Budget Woes”

  1. Arizona Law Says:

    Arizona is the valley of the Sun. Let’s boycott the Sun!

  2. Funny Guy Says:

    Until the Federal government steps up and modifies their laws to allow a reasonable number of immigrants to enter this country legally, we have no other choice but to start enforcing the laws. The intention of this law is to penalize the illegal criminals and while it will no doubtably spill over unfortunately to good people I don’t see any other option. Other than legalizing the drugs that are really the problem here. Drug trafficking is responsible for the increase crime not the illegals.

  3. co to jest pozycjonowanie Says:

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  4. moodyeyeview Says:

    Sounds good thanks……

  5. Harold Rabbitt Says:

    It is just exactly as you said.

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