Kathleen Sebelius Worlds Smartest Lady

Now that  the health-care package  was passed by the Senate Finance Committee, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will determine the meaning of common medical and health insurance terms such as “hospitalization,” “physician services,” “premium,” “prescription drug coverage,” “deductible,” and “emergency room care.”

The provision giving the HHS secretary this power appears on pages 256 and 257 of the Finance Committee’s gargantuan health-care reform bill, which totals just over 1,500 pages. “The Secretary of Health and Human Services,” says the bill, “shall, by regulations, provide for the development of standards for the definitions of terms used in health insurance coverage.”Thank God Sebelius is the Worlds Smartest Lady… Someone is going to have to be the boss of all doctors in the US. Maybe she can play a doctor in tv.


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