Moody Eye… AP Translator… Health Care Story

2 million eager for health care on parents’ plans… shows excitement

In about six months, the new law will allow at least 2 million young adults to be covered under their parents’ policies. semifact

These are the “millennials,” those who came of age in the new century and now are struggling to get on their feet during the worst slump since the Depression.  empathy

The law will allow young adults to stay on or return to their parents’ insurance until age 26. To qualify, young people must be “dependents” of their parents. They don’t necessarily have to live under the same roof.  semifact

This is the first time the federal government has forced insurance companies to let young adults stay on their parents’ policies. fact

The new federal law “provides a minimum, not a maximum,” said law professor Timothy Jost of Washington and Lee University. expert quote

“My son can go to a doctor if he twists his knee playing soccer and it’s a $15 copay,” Lawson said. “Then I have a daughter who does not have the same benefits. It illustrates for me what a lot of Americans face.” empathy

Under Pennsylvania law, Lawson’s employer could choose to offer coverage for dependents up to age 30, but her employer has decided not to do so. fact

Much will depend on regulations to be written by federal health officials.   everything  above means nothing… stop reading



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  1. Bob Moody Says:

    You get better and better, Mr. Moody Eye

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